Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Tuesday evening

Just a quick catch up, as very little has happened so far this week, after the excitement of the weekend. I am now convinced that The Sims is a big time waster, but I always was so convinced. Monday evening saw Viv at a Toastmasters committee meeting and me playing. I did print out our Christmas newsletter, which should be stuffed into envelopes and sent to the eight corners of the world by the weekend. Soon after that, it will be worth hunting on the web for PDF copies of it, should you so desire.
This evening, pizza, and Viv out discussing some things about the youth ministry at the church, or the service they are leading in a couple of weeks, or something...
I have finally written a grammarian page for my other web site. Unfortunately it seems that it is SEVEN months since I last wrote one. That's not good for something that is supposed to be monthly. Perhaps I will do better next year. (I'm sure I said that for this year.)
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