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Sunday evening - reconciliation - RSS feeds

Friday morning, not far different from any other Friday morning. I called in at the Post Office to see if anyone had written to me. I was particularly waiting for an Airpoints statement, but none has yet been received. I know that I am now valued as a Silver Airpoints member, but it would be so much better if I could see the miles on a statement and reconcile them to the journeys I took recently (WLG/AKL/LAX/LHR/MAN/LHR/LAX/AKL/WLG) - however, a major change to Airpoints on 1st November seems to have put them behind.
BAINZ didn't meet on Friday, so I had lunch at chicago with Richard again. Friday evening saw the IT Christmas bash at the Jimmy's in Courtenay Place. Although I'm not actually an IT employee any more, I am seconded to an IT unit, so I was invited to it, and caught up with many of the people I haven't seen since I did work for IT. Confused yet? For example, I haven't seen Fiona since she got married, and her son will be one in February. However I spent most of the night talking to Ian F, who I last mentioned in the context of Beaujolais Nouveau.
The band started just after 9:30, and that was the cure to leave a very hot, very crowded bar. Thanks to Sanjeevi and his wife for giving me a lift home.
Saturday morning started with a downpour, which meant no sport. After lunch, we wrote envelopes and sent off the newsletters for 2002 to many of our friends around the world. Most of the mail still goes to addresses which end ...United Kingdom, although one of them (until amended) ended with Melbourne 3150, Victoria, United Kingdom. If you can't wait, or don't think you'll be on the list, look here.
Sunday morning, and the service of reconciliation. That was a better event than we might have expected, for a number of reasons, although the whole process is still not complete. A pot luck lunch followed, which really wasn't half bad. By the middle of the afternoon, the rain had set in for definite again. Just what sort of a summer is this?
Sunday afternoon saw me doing various bits and pieces, while this evening I have been learning about RSS feeds, now that they are available at LiveJournal. This was first drawn to my attention a while back by jiggery_pokery. One of the first I created was nzaardvark which is the feed from one of the first sites I visit each day anyway. I encourage anyone reading (who has a paid LJ account) to subscribe to this by adding it to your friends list. The same for baptism, which is a feed written by me which will contain anything I or any family member does which has a web presence (assuming we know that it does, of course).
Other less popular feeds I have added are economist_world and advogato.
All I have to do now is some washing of dishes and the writing of the Christmas speech for Capital Breakfast's Christmas meeting/party.
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