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Monday evening - Viv out

The week is under way in its usual sort of way. Viv is out at Toastmasters, where she is giving a speech this evening. I'm not exactly sure what it's about - she was muttering something about how children learn to count, so I'm not really sure.
Meanwhile, I have to produce a speech for our Christmas party on Thursday morning. I've also been asked to speak at SWAP's Christmas breakfast on Friday. I know very little about SWAP except what I can find at http://www.swap.org.nz and the fact that they will pay for my breakfast on Friday if I speak to them...
Christmas cards for the whole family arrived today from domel. Postage from England seems to be 68p generally, and smaller square cards seem to be the fashion this year: most of the ones we have received so far are of the square persuasion.
Not much else happening.
I have finally got round to using the online banking at Lloyds TSB, which has been my main British bank for 41 years (since I was enrolled in the Trustee Savings Bank by my parents) and my employer for just over four years (since they bought Countrywide Bank in New Zealand and passed it to the National Bank of New Zealand. It's a dry but humid evening. It is possible that summer has finally arrived.
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