Ian (ringbark) wrote,

The opportunity to read stories which Christopher might not appreciate was exploited on this cold night, as I tackled Isacc Asimov's Robot AL-76 goes astray. It seemed to be a winner. Bedtime followed shortly after, with coffee and milk consumed in the traditional manner. I braved the wet weather earlier to see if anybody had written to us. Mail included a postcard from Viv and Christopher from Universal Studios, a receipt for a mobile phone and an invitation for life insurance from the AA.

Some of these are more useful than others. I asked the boys if I should bake a loaf for breakfast tomorrow and the view seemed to be that I should. After throwing the ingredients into the breadmaker, I updated the District Grammarian for October. I don't know if anyone reads this stuff. I don't really know if anyone much reads the site at all, but I suppose it gives me something to do.

I'll have a go at scanning Viv's 3-d postcard and see if it's worth displaying.
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