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Sunday morning - youth service

As it turned out, Friday morning's version of the speech did go very well. A version of the speech will probably be posted on my site some time soon.
Lunchtime? We went to Chicago, but it was full of people having Christmas lunches, so we were told they were full, even though (a) we are regular customers: even if we only go there once a fortnight, that's still 26x3 meals each year that they have put at risk (b) most of the tables looked like they would be empty till the parties arrived at 1pm. We tried Latitude 41 over the road, but I wasn't keen to dine at the place my project director was just sitting down to lunch, so we went to some curry house just by Courtenay Place. Not sure which one, though their onion bhujee isn't too flash.
Friday evening washes over me in a bit of a blur. No doubt we did something. I remember we watched Blue Heelers, an obscure episode which focussed on the theft of some Elvis memorabilia. How it is that high value Elvis memorabilia finds itself in a tinpot little town like Mount Thomas in Australia doesn't seem to have been made clear.
Saturday morning - a fine morning. Matthew's team won the cricket. Indeed, New Zealand's team also beat India, who collapsed in their second innings too.
We're now just getting ready for this morning's service, which is a youth service, largely run by our three boys, it seems.
After that, I'll be going into Wellington to help with security at the previews of the Lord of the Rings.
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