Ian (ringbark) wrote,

How cool is that?

This morning's service went surprisingly well, with Matthew's sermon (read it at http://baptism.co.nz/sermon9.html ) well received and the music about the same as any other week.
The lunch was a change from the usual "hot bread" and spreads, being more like what might be found at a children's birthday party. No, really not that bad.
After that, we went home and I changed into the required clothes for helping on the Lord of the Rings cast and crew prescreenings. I was doing the part in the security process where you check people's bags and makes sure their metal items are in a tray so they don't set off the metal detector as they walk through. Metal detectors in a cinema? In New Zealand? Yup. But now I have a Lord of the Rings staff pass with "access all areas" on it. How cool is that?
Nevertheless, it's tiring work and not the most inspiring thing I ever did. We're all home now, the boys are in bed and I think we will not be far behind.
While I was out, the living room was tidied and the Christmas tree decorated. There it stands in all its glory (which isn't much glory, to be honest, but still it is there!)
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