Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Second house

We were tired last night and so had an early night. This was fine until Willow wanted to go out just before 5am. Yes, I know I thought she was already out. The day at work continued as days at work are wont to do. I got my suit dry cleaned and picked up part 20 of the Star Wars factfile (which included a new binder to put it all in).
After work, it was time to go to the Embassy again and make sure nobody took anything illegal into the cinema. I didn't meet anyone famous tonight, but one of my former work colleagues, who has just left us to work for another bank, was there.
Tonight, it's washing dishes, making coffee and bed. Tomorrow is our Credit Risk Christmas event, which will involve team-building events like quad bike riding, clay duck shooting and checking the quality of the merchandise in the wineries.
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