Ian (ringbark) wrote,

A day in the country

After an early start, it was time to catch the train to town, although I was to get out at Waterloo rather than in town. Fortunately, I met Jess from church on the train, who was able to remind me to get off at the right station. I was on the same train as usual, but getting off at a different station, so there was always that risk.
Once at Waterloo, I bought a season ticket for the bus, something I've been meaning to do for a while, and then waited for the train to Featherston. I got on at the front when it arrived and walked through to join the rest of my team from work, who were pleased to see me.
Once we got to Featherston, the bus driver who had been commissioned to drive us around didn't show...so he was called on the mobile phone and arrived soon after to take us to the quad bike riding. We had a quick run over the way the bikes worked and soon after, we were off up hills and down dales and across rivers which is something I wasn't expecting. I'm told we were going about 25 km altogether (about 15 miles) but I'm not sure it was actually as far as that. Just before we got back, we stopped to do some clay pigeon shooting. I had never done that before, indeed I had never even held a real gun. Nevertheless, I was the winner! Out of my second five shots, I hit five out of five! That gives a very good feeling. Obviously a skill I never knew I had.
Lunch was very enjoyable, but I felt rather inadequate. We were also in a rush, as we had to catch the train back to Wellington. It's not a very busy route, and the last train leaves at 4:20pm.
We caught it, and after arriving back in Wellington, I went off to Jos's farewell drinks before he goes to join Rabobank.
I've just got back; the boys got back after me after their "talent quest", which they didn't win. David, however, is still at his school "formal". It will be around 10:30 before he is collected from school.
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