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The day dawned as a beautiful one, which was a bitter blow as Matthew was to have a cricket game, which would cause problems. Fortunately, his coach had left a message to say that so many of the team were not available that the game had to be cancelled. So Matthew gets the points for agreeing to play but doesn't have to do so after all!
This meant that we could go to town for breakfast as I had hoped. We again had the full cooked breakfast at the Hotel Ibis on Featherston Street before looking at the Christmas display in Kirkaldie and Stains. The theme this year is Wellington itself.
We then went to the LOTR exhibition at Te Papa. This showed a great many of the costumes and sets used in the movies. The parts I found most interesting were the ones showing how the problem of the different species being different sizes were coped with and the detailed information about how the chain-mail costumes were created. Over 12,500,000 links were created and joined altogether.
After the exhibition, it was time to walk up Courtenay Place to the Embassy, where a huge Gollum was reaching down from the roof to a large ring just above the entrance. We then went into the theatre, so of course spoilers follow. I found the battle scenes very spectacular, and probably the finest things I have seen of their type. I was also very pleased to see my idea of a medieval battle: one without guns and where the surprise is the use of a mine-like ball of explosive. The rams and the ladders also seemed quite plausible. Gandalf's reappearance was also a memorable scene. The pitiful Gollum character was also very striking: you wondered what was going to happen to him next, but he carried on much the same throughout the whole story, a character destroyed by the Ring and a warning of what Frodo might have become. It will not be long till we see it again, I am sure.
After the movie, we went to get tea at BK and walked back to the station. On the way home from the station, we were stopped for a random breath test, which I passed, not having had a drop to drink. We're now in the evening part of the day. The boys are just going off to bed and the big people are drinking coffee.
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