Ian (ringbark) wrote,

But instead it just kept on raining

Monday was a quiet day at work, followed by a quick sprint up the road to the church Christmas pageant. On the way we called in at the Mobil service station and picked up five meat pies. That good, huh? The Christmas pageant ran reasonably well. We played Elizabeth and Zechariah, John the Baptist's parents while David was narrator and Matthew and Christopher were stuck as shepherds.
After that, it was a late night for us all.
Christmas Eve dawned with a lot of work still to be done, but little real motivation. Viv and the boys did lots of things at home and around, while some of us wrote some things at work before many of us went off to the pub. I picked up a card for Viv and caught the 3:35pm train.
The next show of the pageant was inside, because of inclement weather, which wasn't easy as it had really been planned as an outside event. Viv helped with some tidying up white I took the boys home, returning shortly afterwards once they were safely in bed. Viv then went off to the midnight service, while I called my mum and caught up with her news. She seems to be in fairly good shape. While I was talking to her, Alison and Barbara arrived, so it seems that it shouldn't be too bad there.
Christmas morning is with us at last. Well, "at last" isn't quite right: it has crept up on us very suddenly this year, not just for us but for almost everyone I know. For now, we're looking through our Christmas stocking presents and the gifts from Nanna and Grandad.
I'm just explaining to David what the difference is between a compass and a pair of compasses.
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