Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Christmas night

I can't believe how much it rained this morning. Sheets of rain just kept on coming, and then they got heavier. One of the boys called it blankets of rain. Our Christmas service was, probably as a result, very poorly attended. This was Andrew and Christine's very last service. We prayed for them at the end of the service and then we all went home. We spare a thought for all those Kiwis who had planned a barbecue today. Sometimes, the old English tradition of a turkey roast is a winner. Today was one of those days. Key presents this year:
  • Lord of the Rings Risk - a combination of two of our favourite things. Sure to have been a winner.
  • Quiddler - a word card game. Sounds boring, actually great fun.
  • Mother Tongue by Bill Bryson - history of the English language - great book for a pedant and linguist like me.
There have been other things - clothes and food and things - that have been much appreciated, but those are probably the main ones. It's a fairly calm night by now. The rain has all but stopped and the wind has dropped.
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