Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Catch up of recent quiet days

Thursday...really didn't do anything at all to speak of. We spent the day doing jigsaw puzzles, playing games, reading magazines and so on. We finished off what was left of the turkey, which wasn't really that much.
Friday...as if that wasn't enough, not much happened on Friday either. I seemed to spend an age washing dishes, which was repeated on Sunday too. I can't believe how many plates, dishes, cups and pieces of cutlery we get through. Especially the twelve new everyday glasses I got for Christmas. Even though we are only five, all of them seem to be used every day. This is on top of all the cups that used to be dirty each day.
Saturday. Saturday morning was more of the same, followed by a burst of activity. D, M, C and I all had our hair cut before we went off to Subway in Lower Hutt for a late lunch, followed by watching The Two Towers again.
Spurious claim: I slept through different parts of the film, so it seemed like a different movie to the one I saw last week.
After that, off to Mr India for a takeaway curry and an early night. Important note for visitors to Lower Hutt: Mr India will be closed from 1 to 9 January. I'm glad I mentioned that
Sunday saw the first service by our new priest-in-charge, Elizabeth Body. It was a very low key service, with not many there, probably because lots of people are away. So we ended up washing the dishes after that too.
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