Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Dull and cold, but mostly dry. That's the way it was today, but after yesterday I wasn't going to stay in all day long, so instead we set off to the big city just before lunchtime.

By the time we arrived, it was indeed luchtime, but we called in at my post office box to see what was there. Nothing of note, none of the bank general disclosure statements I had ben expecting, just Christopher's Mileage Plus documentation.

We crossed the road and had lunch at Burger King. David had his usual two hamburgers while Matthew and I had the chicken tenders meal. The boys were given the opportunity to be told what "OJ" was short for. Further along Lambton Quay, up Plimmer Steps a little and we find ourselves at the temporary shopfront occupied by one Brent Harpur, Wellington's cartoonist. He drew a cartoon of me a couple of weeks ago, indeed there is currently a picture of him doing it on his website (it will be on mine soon) and I wanted him to draw pictures of the boys too. I'll scan them and post them later on.

We drifted on into town, setting off to the cinema to see Titan A.E. but I wasn't too hopeful of it being a worthwhile and profitable experience for us all. This view had been confirmed earlier in the day with a review of the movie I saw at Screen It! but the boys seemed determined.

While waiting for the film, we took some time out at Time Out. I'm pleased to say that I can still beat the boys at Air Hockey. Matthew was beaten 7-2 and David lost 7-3. Another intriguing machine there counts from up from zero and you have to push the button as close to 1000 as possible. Somewhere in the 980s won me three tickets with my first try, but I was very pleased with a 999, scoring40 tickets. Together with the tickets the boys won, we had enough for a chocolate bar.

By then it was time for the truly awful film to begin. Matthew and David were reasonably polite about the film even so. I did explain that it is acceptable to say if you dislike a film. I felt that the storyline was weak and unoriginal and the effects unconvincing. After that, we went back to the station and travelled back to Taita with a family who spoke no English who we were asked to let know when we reached Woburn and a father and son who were travelling from Petone to Upper Hutt. The children found common ground even without language by looking at the Pokémon cards that one of the boys was looking at. Adults present found similar but not identical common ground.

On our way from the station to the fish and chip shop, the weather was not good. We hadn't had fish and chips on Wednesday, so we had it tonight instead. In the shop the television was on, and Matthew noticed the announcement that Daylight Saving starts tonight. So instead of it being a late night for the boys, it becomes a very late night. After bath, it will be a short story and then straight to bed!
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