Ian (ringbark) wrote,

4th already

Well, it's now 4th January and except for a Happy New Year, I haven't said anything at all yet this year. Yes, we have been at home, yes I have been reading all the LJs I normally read, no, I don't seem to have written much in my own journal.
What has happened this year? vivh has written in her journal already, and there is little to add. We went to Porirua and bought some things we will need in the coming year, we went to Upper Hutt to buy shoes for the boys, we have played Quiddler, LOTR Risk and Trivial Pursuit. It's been a relaxed few days, with little happening. Our trip to Rivendell (Kaitoke Regional Park) was a beautiful walk around on a sunny afternoon. Even without the LOTR connection, it's a beautiful place and there is lots to see around the place.
All too soon, the holiday is over, and I return to the world of Risk management on Monday morning.
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