Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Viv and the boys away

Viv and the boys are away this week. Viv is helping at a YMCA/gym camp in Wainuiomata and the boys are attending the camp. This means I'm by myself. I think last night was the first time I have ever spent a night here by myself - there's usually someone to keep me company - when Viv has been away, there's usually been at least one boy and vice versa.
Yesterday evening was the first hot evening, and this unfortunately means that the trains aren't allowed to go faster than 40km/h. This is stupid. It also means that they cancel half the trains and stop the expresses at every station to make up for it.
The same happened today. As I knew that the bus from Taita to Stokes Valley would be a while (it's supposed to be a connecting service, but obviously isn't when this happens) I got a pizza for tea. No, I don't plan to have takeaway every night that they are away. I didn't last night and I won't tomorrow, partly because I'm going to the cricket. Follow the game here.

Other news. I have meant to post this for a while. Recall that there was a fatal road accident just south of Chester on Christmas Eve. Two of the fatalities was my mother's next-door-but-one neighbour and his sister-in-law.
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