Ian (ringbark) wrote,

New Zealand 4 India 1

Well, those have been two fairly interesting days.
First of all, Wednesday. This was a day when I set off to work wearing the bank's promotional cricket shirt, because we were supposed to do so as the bank is the major sponsor of the cricket series. It was also convenient because I was going to the game myself.
Not long after lunch, the game started and soon after that a few of us went up to the stadium to join the crowds there. New Zealand had got off to a very poor start and were 0 for 2 wickets at one stage. By the time I arrives they were 90 or so for 5. The home team continued to stumble until they were all out for 168 around half past five. Lots of diverting entertainments which I ignored took place during the break, and India started their innings at a quarter past six. The first ball saw Ganguly caught. And didn't the crowd just love it! India continued to lose wickets at a fairly steady rate but also scored runs at a steady rate, reaching the target at about half past nine with about seven overs and two wickets to spare. This is India's first win in the seven-game series.
As the game continued, the resources in the stadium became more and more depleted, as the stadium ran out of tomato sauce, hot dogs, hamburgers and finally beer. I have no idea how this can possibly be. Another question about the management of the stadium must be to ask how they can credibly have adverts from Telecom NZ, Vodafone and Telstra-Saturn all on display at the same event.
After the match, I walked back to the station (which adjoins the stadium) and got on the train. Unfortunately, this proved to be less than successful as I was on the wrong train. I didn't notice this until I reached Paremata, so there was nothing for it but to get on the next train back to Wellington and try again. I arrived home just before midnight. I love it when I do things like that, as it gives me something to write about. I am sure that supportive comments will start to appear here shortly.
Today was another exciting day, but for other reasons. Not only that, the trains finally ran at full speed tonight.
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