Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Viv back

Viv came back last night and seemed fascinated that so little had changed in the house, either for the better or for the worse. Am I, she wanted to know, someone who has little or no impact on my environment?
This morning, Viv had read about a jousting tournament to be held up the road in Harcourt Park. So, with David's interest in things medieval, we set off to watch a tournament between the House of Harcourt and the House of Maidstone (both named for parks in Upper Hutt). It was a glorious day and thousands had turned out for it. http://www.jousting.co.nz is the place to look for more.
This evening, David went out to a supper party while the rest of us had other things to eat. See dinner for details. However, it's pretty close to bedtime by now.
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