Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Following on from the Anniversary

But first, the weekend.
Friday night was much as it might have been expected to be, with the usual things happening. Viv and the boys were here at around the time I arrived home; the evening passed by in its usual way with us watching Blue Heelers before going to bed. I'm bound to say that I don't recall a great deal of what happened on Saturday, but I'm sure it was very good...Christopher left us early in the morning to go for a week's holiday in Hastings/Napier with a friend's family. It seems very quiet without him.
On Sunday morning, Matthew and I presented a dramatised version of the story of Eli and Samuel. I found the part of Eli, the exasperated priest who keeps being woken up by an enthusiastic youngster, quite easy to relate to.
Monday was Wellington Anniversary Day, a local public holiday. The weather started very badly, so we played Trivial Pursuit until the boys were bored and we declared it a draw. After lunch, the weather had picked up and we went over the hill to the swimming pool in Wainuiomata. They have a heated, outdoor, Olympic size pool.
We had Chinese for tea - see dinner.
This morning, I went off to work; Viv and the remaining two boys went off to Wanganui where they will stay overnight with Sandra and her brother, being shown the bright lights of Wanga-vegas. Which shouldn't take long. As for me, today was annual review day, a day never looked forward to with enthusiasm, but not too bad once you are there.
At the newsagent today, Unlimited was available, as was the new Star Wars part-work and the one we didn't receive last week. At the station tonight, they were giving away copies of the Hutt News as a spoiler to stop sales of the new Weekday News.
It's time to fix up something to eat before I go off to Vestry, a meeting to fix up things we need to do, such as a date for the church's AGM. More soon.
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