Ian (ringbark) wrote,

We're back.

After getting the car back, we set off for Hastings just before 7. After a brief stop in Dannevirke to pick up some fuel for us and the car, we set off and arrived at Peter's some time just after 11 - rather late. I'm afraid.
We had an odd day on Saturday after breakfast. Peter and the rest of us went off to Splash Planet. The weather got better, then worse, then better, then worse...
We spent the day riding round the "never-ending river", with the boys water-sliding, with the big people staying mostly in the hotter pools.
Sunday saw us at St James in Mahora, our old church, where we were able to catch up with many old friends, most if not all of whom we hadn't seen for about two years, the last time we were in Hastings.
We also looked up some other people, though with only limited success. I may write more later, but it is already very late: we left Hastings again around 5:30 and only got back late.
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