Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Waitangi Day, 2003

Waitangi Day - public holiday in New Zealand
Monday: Went to work as usual. Started on a variety of other bits and pieces. Viv went off to her Toastmasters committee meeting in the evening. I didn't do much at all in the evening, except read a story to the boys.
Tuesday: I was working on a presentation about the Accord which I will be giving four times over the next week and a half. It's hard to write much about the new Basel Capital Accord. The material I might write is either too boring for a general audience or too confidential to be discussed widely. Still, it pays the bills.
Wednesday: Lunch at the BNZ Centre, a Thai curry. After lunch, the key presentation about the Accord. Key for me, perhaps not for everyone else present. Fortunately, everything was fine. Who's complaining? Not me, that's for sure.
Thursday: Waitangi Day. No early start today, just sitting around, listening to music, playing games. Then we went into town for lunch. We thought Mr India would be open, but no. So we went to Tulsi in town, where we consumed dinner.
After lunch, we stepped out onto Cuba Mall, where a street performer was just about to start his show. He started with some contortion - I'm not sure I could fit my whole body through a lavatory seat. No, that's not right. I'm SURE I couldn't do that. Juggling flaming rods and knives from the top of a ten foot high unicycle while blindfold. That's another skill I don't have.
After the show, we came home and David set off for music practice. Christopher can't find his homework book. I'm sure he will find it soon.
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