Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Catch up on a week when little happened

I don't believe I've said anything of note this week, but this could be because I haven't done anything of note. I've completed two seminars on the Basel Accord, written and reviewed a couple of papers on it, had lunch every day, dined every evening, all that good stuff.
Viv was out at Toastmasters on Monday, church service planning on Tuesday, kid's games planning on Wednesday and is out at kid's games tonight. Note to self: find out some details about kid's games.
As for me, not a great deal of note. I'm less inclined to write about things that happen when nothing has happened.
I will, however, answer a few of domel's recent questions or comments. Yes, it is a good thing that Christopher is doing well at the sports. I was very pleased with how he did at the weekend. However, the heavy rain and fog probably mean no game tomorrow.
David is doing well at college, now that the shock of it is starting to wear out. It's certainly keeping him out of mischief.
Yes, Hastings has changed quite a bit. Splash Planet is the $6 million refurbished Fantasyland, but it was open before we left Hastings so I hadn't registered that it was new with you. The new supermarket is completely new, however. They were messing about with minor adjustments to Write Price when we left, but this is a whole new something.
That's all for now. More soon.
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