Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Monday evening - Toastmasters, you know the score

Saturday morning tunred out to be sunny, even though Friday night had been miserable, so there were games, although Matthew's team had a bye.
We worked hard in the afternoon to get the living room tidy, and now it is. The area around the computer floor is rubbish-free and the living room carpet has been cleared, vacuumed and all that groovy stuff.
Sunday morning saw the story of Naaman and an equivalent NT story. I played the part of Naaman - it's typecasting really: how hard is it for me to play an arrogant leader who doesn't like what he's been told to do?
Moving right along...Sunday afternoon fades in the memory, but I know we went to the supermarket and there was a special on smoked salmon. 200g for $3.95 (which for any Americans listening is 7 oz for $2)
Monday: usual sort of Monday - not much of any greatness, new episode of Star Wars factfile (#29), Viv at Toastmasters, boys gone to bed, me wrapping up the days before thinking maybe I should straighten out the kitchen.
After all, if people are writing about their laundry, why shouldn't I write about the kitchen?
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