Ian (ringbark) wrote,

A trip down Memory Lane

No, not looking at the expiry dates on the things in the fridge as I threw them out. Nothing older than August (some dubious looking dough that should have been cut up and made into chocolate biscuits) and surprisingly little to discard at all. But the fridge is now a joy to behold. There are no dirty dishes anywhere in the kitchen, either.

The trip down Memory Lane was listening to Eastern Wind while I worked in the kitchen. It's still great to listen to it, even after all these years. I remember buying it on its release day and disappearing up to my room to listen to it all the way through, and I remember Viv playing it one of the first times I ever went round to her house.

Meanwhile, a family returned tom our church in Trentham after eight years in Vanuatu. So those are people we will have no difficult finding a common subject to talk about. Shared experiences, mutual friends, a love for the place.
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