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Pouring with rain on a Wednesday evening

Went to a couple of banks today to update some account details, had a couple of plain bagels for lunch and then taught the rudiments of the Basel Accord to three guys with no banking background at all. This was an uphill struggle.
After that, I was the guest evaluator at Capital Toastmasters, where I evaluated an interesting speech about the history of photography and learned some stuff in the process too!
It was pouring with rain as I got the train home, not helped by the absence of any bus for half an hour (i.e. until the next train arrived at Taita)
I waited at Taita station with a guy whose wife was from Ongar and whose grandfather was from Bolton, but whose bus didn't look like it was coming at all...so he caught the next train further north.
He was impressed that I had ever heard of Ongar - I said it was near Epping and he accepted that. Looks like all this morningtoncrescent playing has finally paid off. It's still pouring with rain and I'm going to turn in as soon as I've read news:comp.risks for the week.
Alinghi are still 3-0 ahead in the America's Cup. Nobody I know will like today's user icon.
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