Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Up early in the morning. Today was also the last day of the school term. After breakfast we dropped David and matthew off at school and set off for Wellington airport. The traffic reminded me as to why it is that I normally catch the train to and from work.

Still, it wasn't too bad and we arrived at the airport just after 9 in time to check in for the flight to Auckland, which was delayed about half an hour anyhow. A cup of coffee each and a Coca-Cola (R) for Christopher and then on to the departure lounge. As Viv and Christopher said goodbye to me and the lounge emptied, I noticed that a large number of pre-schoolers were still there. Newtown Playcentre, to be precise. I'm not clear excatly who it was that they had turned up to see leave. A staff member, I think.

After the flight left, I wandered around the airport for a few minutes and then drove into town, realising that it was just coming up to lunchtime. This meant that I was able to catch up with my usual Friday lunch group, and so it was that Gareth, Richard and Andrew dined with me, a little to their surprise as I had said I wouldn't be there this week.

After lunch, a drive up to the Hutt Valley and home, where I caught up with my email, checked whether or not the flights were running on time at the United Airlines site. In fact, the flight to LAX is running fifteen minutes early. I also called Telecom NZ in response to an invoice I received today. They say I owe money - I say I don't. We now agree that I don't - somewhat to my surprise!
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