Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Friday night, Saturday morning

A beautiful Thursday morning dawned, and with it another opportunity to improve my communication and leadership skills. This time I was asked to speak on the word "quidity" (sp?) whcih i didn't know, so I used another obscure concept instead, and renamed it.
The rest of the day was much as any other Thursday, except that a board game I ordered just before Christmas arrived, so Matthew, Christopher and I played "Mine-a-million (Business Game)", one of my all-time favourites and one about which jiggery_pokery will no doubt have a few words to say.
Today, Friday, was a fairly quiet day, though littered with work meetings, one of which prevented Jim from joining us for lunch at all and obliging me to go back to the office a few minutes early.
Viv is out at Kid's Games again; I have just picked Matthew up from the rehearsal for the Stadium Spectacular to which we will all be going tomorrow night. Item 13: A TRIBUTE... Sam Neill pays tribute to New Zealand's greatest hero. 1500 Wellington schoolchildren circle the perimeter of the stadium with electric lanterns. I suppose you all know WHO New Zealand's greatest hero is.
Other forthcoming attractions include the Round the Bays run on Sunday, Bob Dylan on Monday and Viv's birthday on Wednesday.
But tonight, David, Christopher and I played Mine-a-million, ostensibly to show David the rules. It's cold and late. I might just have a coffee and go to bed before Viv gets home anyway. It's going to be a busy few days.

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