Ian (ringbark) wrote,

A busy weekend caught up in a stolen moment

The morning saw the boys playing games as usual. It was hard to believe how long Matthew's game of cricket went on, even though his team was thrashed. After lunch, we went into Wellington to try to buy some beanbags to replace the settee that is sadly at the end of its useful life. Arbuckle's only had one left. We considered, tried some other places and went on to buy some small ones from from the place where everyone gets a bargain before going back to Arbuckle's to buy their last one. Then we went home and had a quick tea before dropping Matthew off at school.
Stadium Spectacular
This wasn't quite so spectacular as it might have been, and it still saddens me that NZ can produce events to a high standard and honestly believe that they are as good as the rest of the world can do. They are not. However, they are still pretty good. The spectacle of seeing a hundred hobbits entering the stadium with flaming torches, or the laser light show, or the finale of the 1812 with fireworks and cannons. Very fine, but there were also some pretty dodgy acts too. And an audience so mixed is less likely to appreciate the arcane classical pieces. But it was a good night. Sir Edmund Hillary's (for it was he) tribute was fine too. 1500 paper lanterns being waved up and down by the children of Wellington, including my three.
The staff on the train going there, one with a distinct Scouse accent, seemed to have fun too, with crowds such as NZ doesn't generally see.
The Run
I went on the round the bays run on Sunday morning. I didn't do as much running as I might have chosen, largely because of the size of the crowd. There may be some other reasons too. Altogether I was quite satisfied with my time of 68 minutes, which will give me something to aim at next year. Matthew's time was 60. The queue for the bus back to town was astounding, and it is a great tribute to Stagecoach (bus company and event sponsor) how fast they shifted the crowd.
The game
The first Mine-a-million game played by all of us. An exciting game, curtailed to half-a-million by time, enjoyed by the participants. Followed by shopping at the supermarket, always a fun finale to an afternoon.
The curry
We went out to Mr India for Viv's birthday tea. We have no idea when our next free night will be, so this was it! We had a mixed variety of things, some which we had never chosen before. But if we can leave the restaurant feeling fully satisfied and only $102 poorer, then it has been a good night indeed.
Catching up quickly during the lunch break, because the Bob Dylan concert at Queen's Wharf Events Centre tonight will make it another late night. I took delivery of a parcel today which will form much of vivh's birthday present, so I will not post details of it here as yet. That's enough of a catch up to give you an idea of what's been happening, and to assure you that I am not the man who collapsed on the Round the Bays.
More soon!
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