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Well, the week is at an end. his would be a cool, dry day if we were still in Vanuatu, but it's hot and humid for Wellington. I'm not complaining.
Wednesday, Viv's birthday, was a fairly quiet day. Viv was supposed to have a planning meeting in the evening, but nobody turned up, so she came back early, takeaway curry in hand. We watched Shrek and my mother phoned to wish Viv a happy birthday.
Thursday morning was an early start, with the usual Toastmasters meeting, about which little needs to be said. Friday came and went in its usual way, as fridays are wont to do, which brings us to today. The busy start to the week has tailed off. We now have the church's AGM to look forward to tomorrow. That's about it for now.
Viv is rereading Out of the Silent Planet but it's settee moving time soon.
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