Ian (ringbark) wrote,

The America's Cup is now Switzerland's Cup

The day was Sunday and I was in the bedroom when Telecom NZ sent me the text message to say Team NZ had lost. A very different mood in the country than in May 1995 when we won it in San Diego.
Viv had moved through the trilogy and is now up to That Hideous Strength although just about nothing else is happening here at the moment. It was incredibly hot on Sunday evening, but it rained overnight and we woke to a very wet morning. By mid-afternoon it was another glorious day.
I had my suit dry-cleaned today.
The person taking our settee away didn't come at the weekend but on Monday. We now have more space in the living room.
This morning as I was making the coffee, I heard a scuffle on the balcony, so I opened the door and, much to my surprise, in ran You're-not-our-cat. A moment later, Sooty came in, and as they snarled at each other, You're-not-our-cat ran round the bean bags and looked all set to run downstairs. We're not responsible for You're-not-our-cat, so I threw him out and gave Sooty some milk. At times like this, you've got to look after your own cats, haven't you?
This isn't well ordered diary writing at all. Last night, I watched The Flipside of Dominick Hide while Viv was at a Toastmasters planning meeting. Tonight, I'll probably watch Another flip while she's at a church planning meeting.
Yesterday: 03/03/03
Tomorrow: Ash Wednesday
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