Ian (ringbark) wrote,

I don't know how it is that Matthew has woken up at precisely 6:10 each morning but today it was, of course, 7:10. The magic of the circadian rhythm has been spoiled by the onset of Daylight Saving.

Breakfast this morning took its usual form and then it was off to the service, where nothing particularly out of the ordinary occurred. Although he had been back last week in body, Neil's mind was there today. He's had a week to recover from his jet lag. A week from now, that will be Viv and Chris.

Our speaker today was the principal of Maidstone Intermediate, formally launching the Trentham Youth Workers Trust.

After we got home, we went to the supermarket to buy some bits and pieces to keep us going. We had a chocolate steamed pudding and custard for dessert this evening, after two croissants for the main course. Of course, some people might say that this isn't a healthy meal, but what do they know?

We went to the dump at Silverstream in the rain this afternoon, so that all the refuse from the week was where it should bem seeing as both David and I had forgotten to put the rubbish out to be collected on Thursday.

After that, we packed for our great adventure in Auckland and then played another game of Risk which I won.
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