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As I was saying...

I don't think I pressed the UPDATE button, but I suppose I must have done...I did watch "Another flip for Dominick" on Tuesday night, and very good it was too, as ever. Wednesday night saw...er...something. I need to keep notes, don't I? Thursday morning, as ever, was an early start, where on this morning I had to speak about a word in Te Reo Maori. I spoke about Aramoana ("the path to the sea") and about the way that the people of that town were able to empathise with those of Dunblane. Maybe too deep for 7am.
Thursday lunchtime and a new venture: the southern committee of AIBF, the professional organisation for bankers in this part of the world. Thursday night was the dinner where the old reporting team from Credit Risk got back together. We're all still with the bank, but the diaspora means that we don't see each other much. So Michael, Michael, Ming and I went off to Arizona bar after work before adjourning to Daawat for a curry.
Friday: another day, another load of work, another lunch. You know how it all goes by now. Viv went out to Kid's Games again, I recorded "Blue Heelers" but spent most of the time looking around the movie database at http://www.imdb.com for various bits and pieces.
Saturday dawned as Christopher's 9th birthday (and jiggery_pokery's k-day, if I remember correctly, but that's not important here) and so we were up early opening presents, taking photographs and receiving phone calls. Still, Matthew had to go to cricket. That proved to be a waste of time, as although the weather was fine, there was no sign of his game - so he rejoined us for a breakfast purchased from a well known international food company.
We spent some time getting ready for Christopher's party, but several disasters befell us this morning. The first one was the worst: somehow, the shoe polish in my briefcase burst open/was trodden on/was damaged/broke and so there was dodgy black ink all over the kitchen. This turned out to be not so bad as it might have been. The polish is very liquid and washed out of floors, clothes, hats and so forth very easily, fortunately. Soon after that, I nearly flooded the kitchen by leaving the hot water tap running. Not good, but major damage saved by a few seconds. All the water was still in the sink or on the bench. The fact that we had run out of milk pales into insignificance by comparison. After that, Viv sent us all out to the "March Madness" fair down in Stokes Valley. We had a variety of things for lunch there, mostly of the sausage sizzle or fried rice variety. A local guy was selling off a mass of his videotapes at very low prices. I took advantage of the opportunity and purchased six of them, at a total of $20.
  • Mrs Doubtfire
  • Independence Day
  • U2 ZOO
  • Broadcast News
  • 10
  • Rick Wakeman live
And three LPs for $1 total. Soon after that, we went back home and started to get ready for the party. It went very well: we had all sorts of fun - balloon games, water bombs, and then off to Naenae Pool for a couple of hours before we came back here for dubious party food and top quality pavlova. Not too long after that, everybody went home and the boys are now watching part of Mrs Doubtfire. Soon, Viv will start calling people about the Toastmasters meeting on Monday and i will go out any buy a small order of curry for us for tonight. Well to be recommended. We'll probably watch "Blue Heelers" before we go off to bed.
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