Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Jacket potatoes

After today's service, Viv and the boys were going off to another birthday party, so I walked home. It's an hour and a half, almost exactly, from St John's in Trentham to our house in Stokes Valley.
On the way, you pass through a number of areas, pass several churches, petrol stations, shops, railway stations and areas of historic interest. I didn't know anything about the old Pumpkin Cottage in Silverstream until today, for example. Look here for more on what this is all about.
Once I was home, I didn't do much until Viv and the boys came back. I've cleared up most of the edible debris from yesterday's party and done some other washing up. I just finished watching the Rick Wakeman video I bought yesterday and thought I would post a new entry here while cooking some jacket potatoes in the microwave for tea.
Viv had wrapped them in aluminium foil for the party to use them as holders for things on sticks. As I unwrapped them to cook them, it struck me that in the old days, jacket potatoes had to be wrapped in foil, but not any more. That would certainly damage the microwave oven, so, in contrast with the old days, I removed the foil before cooking the jacket potatoes. Just a minor thought, but one that amused me.
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