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I thought of some amusing things to put in the subject line during the week, but now as I sit before the screen, my mind has of course become a blank.
Let's see if I can run quickly through the week before I forget.
Monday: usual sort of Monday, unmemorable lunch, Viv at Toastmasters in the evening
Tuesday: light lunch at a local food joint because the Anglican men of Upper Hutt were having a dinner in the evening. The food was to a high standard, with chicken, coleslaw and beetroot as the highspots. Oh, and the pavlova of course. Ken Benn from PN spoke after dinner, amusing us with his stories of people and places, some of which may not have been entirely true. Never let the facts get in the way of a good story.
Wednesday: Good question. I have this thought that something happened, but I can't for the life of me remember what it can have been.
Thursday: Early morning Toastmasters. A speech about sleep debt and an ice breaker from a new member. Most extraordinary of all was that during my table topic (a brief impromptu speech) I mentioned the Exxon Valdez. A story about the Exxon Valdez formed the key introduction to the speech about sleep deprivation. So what? Table topics often allude to themes in the speech. Yes, but not when they are given before the main speech. Amazing coincidence.
The men of our parish (some of them, anyhow) had lunch together again, after I had eaten a substantial morning tea as we said goodbye to Phil, who is leaving us to go back to the part of the Bank he came from. Thursday evening, among other things, was Matthew's school fun swimming evening.
This brings us to Friday. Lunch at Chicago as usual, Viv at Kid's Games as usual. David out clowning at the Wellington St Patrick's Day Parade, Matthew and Christopher just in bed after I read them an Asimov robot story.
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