Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Thursday evening

Well, maybe not quite as planned.
The parents' evening was just as we had expected: nothing really to express any concern about in David's work, attitude or anything else.
We came home and had pizza from the well known pizza establishment which always appeared on the American Express statement as Pizza Hutt.
Then, David went off to music practice while Viv went to a planning meeting and they should be back by now. The boys were playing downstairs while I listened to some of 66/40. Just into the second episode when Matthew told me there was a problem - Christopher's door had broken. To be precise, it wasn't the door - just the lock.
I had a certain sympathy with him because I remember doing the same myself once. Nevertheless, it did require a visit from Mr Chubb to liberate young Christopher from his room. In fairness, he was pretty relaxed about it, but he wasn't the one paying the $100 including $75 call out charge. Still, that does get me another 200 frequent flyer points. What more could I ask?
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