Ian (ringbark) wrote,

War stories

Monday came and went in the usual sort of way. The boys wanted to watch some news in the evening, so we did. Apparently Saddam is close to victory. It must be true, we saw it on the television.
I watched it for a while, but then I phoned my mother in England. During the last Gulf War, and during the conflict in the Balkans, she remarked how bizarre it was to have reporters from the enemy in your country filing reports. Allied reporters in Germany during World War II would surely have been shot, as would German reporters in England. So what is this all about?
Today's headline in the Dominion said "The day the war turned ugly". Wasn't it ugly from day one? And thank goodness that Saddam is going to comply with all the terms of the Geneva Convention. That's a great relief for us all.
Meanwhile, we reviewed the future of BAINZ at lunchtime, while this evening was taken up with a farewell dinner for our director, who is going back to England to take up a new role within the bank.
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