Ian (ringbark) wrote,

A new week dawns

Saturday saw me at the Vestry planning day, an opportunity for us to look forward to the next year of stuff at our church. After that finished, David did go off to the balloon festival as previously advertised, while the rest of us didn't do much at all. Viv cut up crepe paper ready for the Harvest Festival service on Sunday. It still seems an absurdity to have a harvest festival in the middle of Lent, but that's the way the calendar is here. I think that there are compelling arguments in favour of having Easter in the southern spring, Christmas is the southern winter and so forth, so that the festivals fit the moods they are supposed to be celebrating. However, the arguments are not quite compelling enough.
Sunday morning did indeed see the festival, with the 10:30 congregation joining the 9 o'clock congregation for the last hymn, followed by morning tea, followed by the 9 o'clockers joining us for our first hymn. Did you follow that?
In the afternoon, the boys went to the river with Viv, but I didn't.
On to today, when the usual work and things happened. The BIS have published responses to the QIS technical document, which will give me something to read later in the week. A key article relating to what I do has, however, been published in the Economist this week and I believe it's available for free. Try this link: Basel Brush
Some people may also have noticed that I have joined the people at http://geourl.org who are trying to map content on the Internet to what is inelegantly called meatspace (as distinct from cyberspace). You can see all the registered sites within 50 miles of my house at http://geourl.org/near/alt.html?p=http%3A%2F%2Fringbark.livejournal.com%2F&lat=&lon=&dist=50 although frankly, there aren't many of them as yet. This is also as a result of an article in The Economist, but one that isn't work related.
This evening, I've been O'Shea oratory oaching again, and Viv has just gone out to her meeting. I believe a quiet night is ahead of me, but wait and see.
We've finally had some RAIN which is great news for people who use water (hydro electric generators, farmers, people who wash etc.)
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