Ian (ringbark) wrote,

We ran to the car through the pouring rain and our car stumbled to Taita station, where we ran through the rain again to catch the local train to Wellington.

Then onto the main line train. This left only a couple of minutes late, but the weather throughout the day continued as dire, as we stared amazed at the flooded fields through most of the North Island.

At Palmerston North, a half hour delay while we changed locomotives, at National Park, a delay while we aited for the southbound train to push a freight train up the Raurimu Spiral, another delay near Mercer as work on the line dropped our speed to near walking pace and then a change of driver near Middlemore.

They weren't having a good day, but a lady I chatted to in the buffet car seemed to assure me that they never do.

When we did arrive, there were no taxis waiting, except for a non-Engish-speaking driver who was waiting for someone called Ken. I called for a taxi on the mobile, and he called for more when he saw the incredible scene.

A late night, no story, just drinks for the boys and straight to bed for all of us.
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