Ian (ringbark) wrote,


I have a sympathy with sheaj34's point of view: where do the days go? They all go the same way: quickly past.
Thursday saw a Toastmasters meeting with me as general evaluator, Friday saw lunch at Chicago as usual, Saturday saw a working bee in the vicarage garden in the morning and at home in the afternoon, which brought us round to Sunday in almost no time...but that's half a week.
I now have one more week at work before we go to California for a holiday, wondering whether the weak and feeble New Zealand can hold up against the mighty U.S. dollar. The popular place to see this is on my Bank's website at http://www.nbnz.co.nz/economics/exchange/nzdusd.htm - it occurs to me that my next American Express statement will be here after we get back - this tells me that it's very close. Yes, my guess is that the Amex card will be traumatised by the next few weeks, but isn't that always the way on overseas trips?
I'm not making too much sense in this post, so I will stop. I may return later today, or later in the week.
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