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Thursday evening

It looks like the war is all but over, but these things sometimes turn in a different direction. Let's wait and see.
Monday was a normal sort of Monday. there wasn't much happening then apart from Viv at a Toastmasters meeting, which was a workshop for new members. Upper Hutt Toastmasters has had a lot of new members lately. I was expecting to be coaching my orator, but he called to rearrange it to Wednesday after a Saturday like the days we all have sometimes.
Tuesday was a pretty quiet day. We had a BAINZ committee meeting and we now look all set to have a meeting on 1st May. Unfortunately, I will be at a Banker's Institute meeting on that date. Tant pis. Tuesday evening was an evening when both were at home...if I remember correctly. Not much happened. Wednesday was a quiet day too, although I did go over Chris's speech with him before I came home, and then it was an early night because I was setting up to chair a Toastmasters meeting on Thursday morning. We had two speeches, one being an interpretive reading by Peter and the other a truly inspirational entertaining speech by Libby, who was evaluated by Paul, a colleague of mine from work who I invited to be our guest evaluator this morning, returning a favour from earlier in the year. Lunch was with the guys from church, followed by my second to last day at work before I go off on two weeks leave - part of the first week will be at home before we leave for further north - there is a requirement for us to take a two week break every year, and as part of Risk Management, we are certainly going to take notice of this directive.
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