Ian (ringbark) wrote,

The first day of the holidays

Viv, David and Matthew went off to the finale of Kid's Games at the Basin Reserve in Wellington, leaving Christopher and me to amuse ourselves for the day. We started off by playing a few games of mancala. Christopher won one, I won three.
After that, we went off to town, because I thought it might be nice for us to go and see a movie. Our choice was somewhat limited, but careful study of the local websites suggested that Kangaroo Jack might be a good choice, so we set off. The shutters were down at both Hoyts cinemas. I know that they have been having a bad time of it recently, but I haven't heard any reports to say that they have shut up shop.
We wandered around town for a while, before having a light lunch at Tulsi. We both had onion bhujee to start. Christopher, who likes the idea of curry except for eating it, had naan and rice. I added a rogan josh to that, and then we went off to the Reading Cinema complex. Between our first visit there and then, there had been an emergency evacuation there, and the place was in chaos when we returned. The film, scheduled to start at 2pm, didn't get under way until 2:35, by which time we had picked up an ice cream each, and a newspaper.
The film's basic premise is absurd, but it's not a bad movie. My dad always called this sort of movie "a romp". We got the bus back to the station, and caught the train back to Taita. The rest of the family had already returned.
We've now had baths and the two big people will shortly be going off to Steve and Debbie's post-wedding party.
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