Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Busy Tuesday

Well, busy for a Tuesday.
David and I got the rain into town and then called in by my P O Box, which had an Economist, a Toastmaster and various bits of rubbish. These will be useful in-flight reading. After that, we went to Taylor's and dropped off a jacket, a blazer, a tie and two pairs of trousers for dry cleaning. Then we picked up the Star Wars fact file (and a copy of North and South) from Murray's shop. I'm pleased to say he's making a good recovery, but he wasn't in the shop when we called in. Then it was up the road to Tulsi for David's turn at lunch with me there. You'll be able to read about it in dinner in a minute. Then a visit to Java Downunder, a sort of antique shop for new things, if you see what I mean, which David wanted to visit.
Then to Te Papa, to see Golden Days and meet up with the guy whose identity I was certifying for Thawte. Then we called in at the ice cream emporium, picked up the dry cleaning, bought me some underwear, set off for the station and came back home. Simple, isn't it?
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