Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Thursday morning

Wednesday dawned quietly, but continued in a usual sort of way. The afternoon saw me go off and give the last coaching session for a while to my orator. In the evening, I took our car, which needs a lot of attention to its starter motor, up to Norrie's house. Unfortunately, he wasn't there, so I had an hour to walk home.
So to this morning. With a long journey ahead of us, I sent my apologies to Toastmasters. Barry will be picking us up and taking us to the airport just before noon. I have no idea how my internet access will be over the next week or so. No doubt this will become apparent by the presence or otherwise of new entries here.
Five days: Anaheim (Disney, Knotts)
Two days: Los Angeles (Universal Studios, Downtown)
Thursday next week: LAX/...
Saturday week: .../AKL/WLG
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