Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Back to some semblance of order

Sunday morning saw us attend church, though we were not supposed to be taking any part in the leadership of the service. Even so, I was asked to serve one of the chalices as well as counting the offertory afterwards.
Winter has finally arrived, so the Rowney soup was available again after its summer break. That meant David wouldn't leave straight away. Strange - he never eats any soup at home.
A young teens afternoon, for lack of a better name, had been set up for the afternoon, so David and Matthew went off to that. I dropped them off and was asked to stay a few minutes to talk about our holiday and what we had enjoyed.
After that, a quiet Sunday.
Monday was spent telling people at work about it, clearing out and actioning the sixty emails I had received at work in my absence and various other risk management bits and pieces.
Viv went out to her Toastmasters meeting in the evening. Sixteen people entered their table topics contest!
On to today, the beginning of normality, meetings and all the other things that life offers. Viv is out at the Avalon Board of Trustees meeting, so I have a chance to catch up with this, although I think I might stop and wash the dishes in a minute.
While we were away, winter started. It's dark in the mornings and the temperature is getting down to 5 degrees.
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