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What has happened to my week?

I can't believe that a week has passed since I wrote anything here. I suppose this shows just what a busy week it has been.
Wednesday saw the first work related to the new version of the Accord, which will certainly be a large body of work. Today I finished the first piece - summarising the differences between the QIS technical document (last October) and this one (April). It wasn't the most exciting work, but it needs to be done.
On Wednesday night I wasn't at my brightest - in fact I wasn't well at all. Thursday saw me fail to attend Toastmasters or work and have to rearrange my next meeting with Chris for the oratory.
By Friday, however, I was much better. Thursday had two absences in my office; Monday and Tuesday this week three and two.
Looking back, I can't recall much about Saturday, except that Matthew played his first hockey game of the season. He's not supposed to be playing this year, but that doesn't seem to have made any difference. As it was, his team won 3-1.
Sunday, Ray was preaching for the St John's patronal festival. However, the afternoon was taken up with the first parish meeting as we start the process of getting ourselves a new vicar.
Back to work on Monday, a full day with a drinks party in the evening, a low key event to mark the end of one phase of our project. Today saw a busy day at work, followed by an oratory session with Chris. We're nearing the end of this now. He knows the speech now and needs to present it at school tomorrow and in the final competition on Saturday. And that should be it till next year.
In other news, Norrie has called us and so we will shortly be getting some more repairs to our car which needs to be parked at the top of hills at the moment as the starter motor is completely stuffed. He'll probably fix the driver's window too.
On Monday, I saw the programme about Rumours. I knew there had been some personal difficulties with the band at the time, but I had no idea that Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nicks were splitting up, screaming at each other, while john and Christine McVie weren't speaking to each other at all while they split up, except the basics in life like "what key is this song in?" At the same time, Mick Fleetwood's wife wasn't in the band: she was, however, sleeping with his best friend. This probably goes some way to explaining why there was so much emotion in the album.
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