Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Today was a better day. We got up at a moderately early hour and had a continental breakfast in the restaurant at the Kiwi International on Queen Street. We were just preparing to go to Rainbow's End when there was a sudden downpour. As the rain eased off, we walked some of the way down Queen Street toward the Imax complex. As it turned out, it was only a light shower, so we went to Rainbow's End after all. The taxi fare there is more than I remembered it being, however.

The day had nothing wrong with it - we rode the Goldrush three times, the log flume once and went on everything we could except we missed the Cinema 180. Probably not quite the same as Viv and Chris, who will be at Disneyland anytime now. Still, a fine day, a happy day most of the time. We saw a silent magician called Charlie Chaplin, who dressed and acted like the tramp of the same name, but was performing sleight-of-hand magic of the usual type. I still find seeing such things in real life much more enchanting than the same on the idiot box.

After the trip back to town, the boys both wanted showers (they had missed out last night) so we did that hile I phoned a couple of friends in the Auckland area. After that, we set off down Queen Street again, this time looking in more detail at the Imax Centre and dining at Planet Hollywood, whose pices are evidently much lower than I had been given to believe. The portions were large enough that nobody wanted a dessert. I may come back and say more about these two days another time, but I probably won't, so I won't promise.
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