Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Onward, ever onward to another day. Today we woke to a cloudy and slightly rainy morning, but with a promise of better things to come. After breakfast we raced down Queen Street to be in time for the Rangitoto Ferry which we caught in fact with time to spare, having bought some food and drink from the Starmart along the road. As before, we had morning tea on the ferry before embarking on the trip to the summit.

It was as I had expected: David and Matthew are indeed fitter than they were last time, while I am less fit, so I kept on crying out "Slow down!" and for the most part, they did. We reached the summit (via the lava caves) at about noon. It was bright and sunny but very windy, offering a spectacular view across the whole of the area. What a view! This time a view across Auckland, similar but contrasting to the view of Wellington from the end of last week.

We set off down the mountain in plenty of time to catch the ferry back. It was getting up quite a storm by then, however. A trip to the Amercian Express cup village was not as pleasant as it might have been. So it was that we braved the rain and went back up Queen Street. A break, then supper at Subway, a healthier choice than the dreaded Golden Arches. After that, a shower, bedtime and another Asimov robot story.
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