Ian (ringbark) wrote,

As usual, an apology

It's already Friday night and apparently nothing has happened to me this week. In fact, lots of things have happened, but I haven't written them up here...
Viv was out at Toastmasters on Monday, when her club ran their table topics contest. A stupendous sixteen people entered the contest, which probably meant that the first speaker was speaking to a almost empty room.
I was at home, not doing much, while this went on. Tuesday saw me not doing much either, except at work, when I was working hard on the issues relating to the new Accord. I feel that we are making real headway at last, an encouraging way to feel.
Wednesday started early with a conference call to the bank on the other side of the world to talk about our project. It's hard to find a time that suits both countries well.
An Artemis Fowl book arrived here on either Wednesday or Thursday, for which thanks to Mr and Mrs domel.
Thursday morning, another early start, this time for our oral reading contest. I chose a piece by George Mikes, author of How to be an Alien.
Today was probably Jim's last trip to the Chicago bar and grill, as he will shortly be leaving us to live in Sydney. After work, we had drinks and nibbles to celebrate Peter's remarkable achievement, in clocking up 45 years with the bank.
This week has been a week of chess. Matthew now plays very well, and it's rare for either vivh or ringbark to beat him much any more.
I'm sure I could write more; it's distressing to find that you can distil a week into just a couple of paragraphs.
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