Ian (ringbark) wrote,

I love a challenge

It's often been reckoned that far too many passwords are guessable, and that a large number of them are simply "password", "secret", "enigma" and "sex".
Add to that a large number which are first name, middle name, last name, child's name, cat's name, dog's name, town of residence, town of birth, date of birth, telephone number and so forth, it's often supposed to be easy to find someone's password.
If you have a large amount of processing power at your disposal, you can automate the search, so any password which is a dictionary word is now also a bad choice.
That's why I was surprised when my friend mrstrellis listed guessable passwords as an interest. Maybe my mind doesn't work the same way as that of mrstrellis or maybe this user just has it is as an interest, but I was stumped.
Other bad choices of password include dictionary words with partial translations into 1337, such as passw0rd, m0rn1ng, p1nk, fl0yd, and so forth.
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