Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Order of the Phoenix

There's been talk recently about the release of the book, though how could anyone be blasé about it?
For the interested, the release of the book will be at 11:01am on June 21st here. (at the moment New Zealand is at GMT+12 while Britain is at GMT+1) Australia/New Zealand promotional posters seem to suggest that midnight in Britain is the moment for the whole of the region, so that those in Sydney will get up earlier in the morning, while those in Perth will certainly need a good alarm clock.
In other news, Artemis Fowl is popular in our house, though not in the country as a whole yet (but thanks to domel who introduced us to him early). The third book seems to be likely to be the one to make it successful here - there is lots of promotion of it here, which seems to centre round the fact that one of the characters in the book is a New Zealander. In fact, any sign of a Kiwi in a book or play results in it getting much more promotion here. A New Zealand exchange student visits Hogwarts, anyone?
The other thing that convinces us that Ireland isn't all diddly-dee music and Guinness is Darren Shan ("Cirque du Freak") - see http://www.darrenshan.com
What is it about Irish pubs, by the way? Molly Malone's and The Black Harp are two so-called Irish pubs in Wellington, but I seriously believe that (1) and Irish pub must be in Ireland (2) no Irish pub ever serves green Guinness, not even on Saint Patrick's Day.
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