Ian (ringbark) wrote,

A mountain of mail, a mountain of electronic mail, a mountain of washing...after a light lunch the day drifted substantially and I think an early night is in order.

Then what happened? We went into Wellington to visit the Lost Property Office. Once they opened, the lady there was quite surprised to see us: the office we had visited in the morning had all the phones, so we had no need to visit her office...

I went to Cellphone City and one of the great dialogues of our time started. I walked several times between Cellphone City on Featherston Street and AMI Insurance on Lambton Quay, not forgetting one visit to the NZ Police on Victoria Street. They didn't have it either.

Cellphone City roughly explained my options, I went to AMI to find out what it would cost, they suggested abandoning my current contract and getting another one. Cellphone City told me this would entail a new number. This isn't really acceptable. Back to AMI. He'd been told that but didn't pass it on to me because he didn't think it important. Yet my cellphone number is to be found in a variety of places internationally, so changing it isn't something I would do lightly. They agreed to pay for a replacement phone instead of a new contract. I paid the $100 excess to Cellphone City, I now have a phone again, AMI want the charger from the old phone and they'll put it up to tender. Good luck to them.

The boys were pretty fed up by this stage, so we had tea at Burger King, which has no NZ website so no link. After the chicken tenders or hamburgers, we went over the road to check my mail box and picked up the Wairarapa service home, filling up the car's tank and tyres on the way home. Not much happened after that, except this updating of the log, the playing of some games and some music and that sort of thing. E.T. is on television tonight, so we're recording that for the boys.
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